Monday, April 20, 2009

Non Cholesterol Foods

Low Cholesterol Foods: Reducing Cholesterol Levels Naturally by Eating the Proper Foods

Author: Steven R Arnold

Always choosing low cholesterol foods is the most direct and natural way to ensure that your cholesterol levels remain in the acceptable range to promote longevity and vitality. Hypercholesterolemia is an enemy of your body from head to toe.

There are very few if any symptoms until it has advanced to a problematic state. You need to intervene before you have to. Your diet for lowering cholesterol can be your saving grace from developing atherosclerosis and the major health issues that can arise from it.

High cholesterol foods are killing people all across the planet everyday in record high numbers. Many societies that were traditionally plant-eaters have adopted the American way of eating and are now suffering, as we are, from the long-term effects of food choices that are high in saturated fats, Trans fats and LDL cholesterol. Here are the foods that you need to avoid with great intent:

  • Foods high in saturated fats;

  • Foods with any Trans fats;

  • Fatty red meats;

  • Pork, duck and goose meats;

  • Animal organs;

  • Shellfish;

  • Poultry including turkey and chicken;

  • All dairy products unless they are low-fat or non-fat varieties;

  • High sodium foods;

  • Excessive alcohol consumption;

Low cholesterol foods are the foods that nature has intended for us. Through erroneous thought and misinformation, we have become the most artery-clogged and obese nation on the planet. We are also influencing the rest of the planet to eat and act like us – which is killing them as well. The bottom line is that we all should be eating foods like:

  • Any plant including all vegetables, fruits and legumes;

  • Whole-grain pastas and breads;

  • Wild rice;

  • Any plant sprouts;

  • Any whole food that requires no label;

  • Salmon and other fish that are rich in super-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids;

  • Water, water and more water;

How to lower cholesterol naturally is all about what you eat, how much you get up and move, how you deal with the issues that stress you - and how much you assist your body to keep itself clean on the inside by flushing with water and intending to breathe deeply. Reducing cholesterol is a wonderful way to enhance the health of your entire family – and who doesn’t want that above all else?

Choosing low cholesterol foods in conjunction with daily exercise for at least 20 minutes will very rapidly change all areas of your life. You will almost instantly begin to feel, and see, the differences in your body. Your thoughts will be clearer and quicker. Your skin will be smoother. Your muscles will become stronger. Your fat storages will melt away. Your spark for living will blossom. Your stressors will seem minimized. Everything in life will take on new, vibrant meaning as soon as you commit to a healthy lifestyle based on low cholesterol foods and daily exercise. Enjoy – and congratulations!

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Article Source: - Low Cholesterol Foods: Reducing Cholesterol Levels Naturally by Eating the Proper Foods

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