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HDL Cholesterol Foods

Discover How to Raise Hdl Cholesterol Levels?

Author: Bretislav Slansky

There are many ways to increase HDL cholesterol levels.

Obviously you can take drugs that increase the HDL levels like niacin. That can increase HDL cholesterol up to 33%.

I do not personally like any of the FDA approved drugs and medication. The reason is, they always have some cholesterol medicine side effects that will harm your body.

For example: Pfizer's Torcetrapib that was supposed to raise HDL cholesterol levels was taken of the market. You know why? Simple. Many people had big cholesterol drug side effects.

Fortunately there are more natural ways to raise HDL cholesterol levels.

The most effective and safest way is to change eating habits and lifestyle.

Easier said that done, right?

In that case I am going to ask you a question. "How much is your health and well-being important to you?"

If you are like me, I always find ways for improvement. I guess I love myself very much - and you should love yourself also.

Lifestyle Changes To Raise Your HDL Cholesterol Levels

Quit Smoking: I know you have heard it so many times. I know how you feel if you smoke. The fact is that smoking will clot your blood. That will of course slower blood flow to your brain and body. In this environment, un-used cholesterol will have better change to stick to your arterial walls and...cardiovascular disease is on its way. You should either ask your doctor about quitting smoking or research different methods. Later decide which one will work for you.

Exercise Regularly:Many studies have shown that regular exercise increased HDL - Good Cholesterol up to 9%. Hey you do not need to start breaking world records. Starts 20-30 minutes a day. Simple walking will do fine. Later you can start lifting weights, do some cardio and relaxation methods like Tai Chi or Yoga.

Get On Healthy Weight Management:If you are overweight or if you just want to eat healthy, there are countless methods of eating healthy. Many diet lower your LDL "Bad Cholesterol" and many will raise HDL Cholesterol. Here you can find foods that lower LDL cholesterol and also I am going to show you foods that are high in cholesterol - the bad foods.

Understand The Food Label And Which Fat Is Good And Which Fat Is Bad: Many our foods we buy actually contain bad fats like margarines, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Basically you do not need saturated fats. Choose monounsaturated fats like olives. Eat fish oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nuts or oat bran.

Start Good Nutritional Supplementation Program: There are many natural supplements that will help you to manage cholesterol and other health related needs. Most well known natural supplements are garlic, omega-3 fish oils, niacin and fiber supplements.

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Click here for more cholesterol lowering information and advice. And start changing your lifestyle today.

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