Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cholesterol Food Guide

So you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. First you want a list of high cholesterol foods to avoid. The natural thing we do all do is think "Great I will avoid these foods." The answer to high cholesterol is not that simple.

High cholesterol foods have two main components. They contain saturated fats and cholesterol. Ironically the problem with these foods is the saturated fat component and believe it or not the cholesterol content is not the main problem. The saturated fat causes the liver to produce more cholesterol. An increase in ldl levels of cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries. In addition, the level of your triglycerides also increases.

Since the key factor to high cholesterol foods is fat; you now need to distinguish between bad fat and good fat. Cholesterol is present in seafood, but the polyunsaturated fat it contains causes the liver to produce less ldl cholesterol and more hdl cholesterol. The good fat counter balances out the cholesterol content. Cholesterol levels are greatly affected by the type of fat you eat. Replace saturated fat and hydrogenated fat with polyunsaturated and mono saturated fats.

Foods you should be eating to lower your cholesterol: -lean cut meat -poultry with no skin -no cake, cookies, or donuts -no chips -no fast foods -no hydrogenated fat -low fat or skim dairy product. You should cook with olive oil or canola oil. Do not use butter. The following foods contain no cholesterol: -vegetables -fruits grains -nuts -seeds -vegetable oil.

Unfortunately for most of us diet alone will not solve your high cholesterol problems. You need to exercise, loose weight, and stop smoking. Prescription drugs may be required, if a life style change does not lower your cholesterol to where it needs to be. Any approach that you decide to take should be done under a doctor's supervision.

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