Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foods To Bring Down Cholesterol

How to Lower Cholesterol: Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Holistic Lifestyle Modifications

Author: Steven R Arnold

There are no hidden secrets concerning how to lower cholesterol. It simply requires the planning and initiation of positive lifestyle modifications in terms of diet, exercise and stress management. Your eating and exercise habits are what has caused your cholesterol levels to become elevated – and they are also what will bring your cholesterol levels back into check. Yes, there are some drugs manufactured by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that can help in reducing cholesterol levels, but your first line of defense against high cholesterol is a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can effectively bring down cholesterol naturally by following the helpful tips below:

Avoid high cholesterol foods:

High cholesterol foods cause increased levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) that carry cholesterol to build up a waxy plaque on the interior of your arterial walls. This is called hypercholesterolemia, the cause of atherosclerosis, and is characterized by the following:

  • Your heart has to work harder to pump blood through the narrowed arterial openings;

  • With the restricted blood flow, your body parts, tissues and organs become starved for oxygen and nutrients;

  • Your arteries become stretched and weakened;

  • Your probability for congestive heart failure, myocardial infarctions, strokes and kidney failure all significantly increase;

  • You take years of enjoyment away from your life and from those that love you.

List of high cholesterol foods:

  • All foods with even moderate levels of saturated fats;

  • All foods with any level of Trans fats;

  • Fat red meats;

  • Goose and duck meat as well as turkey and chicken;
  • All organs from animals;

  • Dairy products that have not had the fats removed from them;

  • Shellfish;

Also be sure to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and high-sodium food sources. Paying strict attention to your diet for lowering cholesterol will add fun-filled and healthy years to your life.

Exercise some every day:

Exercise is a vital component for healthy living. Exercise stimulates your metabolism and helps you to lower cholesterol naturally. Blood, along with the oxygen and nutrients that it carries, is delivered more efficiently. Your heart, a muscle itself, becomes stronger and better able to perform its never-ending duties. Your perspiration increases and helps you to flush out toxic buildups inside of you. Your probability for development of every disease is lessened significantly. You will look, feel, think and act better with daily exercise.

Manage your stress levels:

Untamed stressors contribute significantly to the development of every disease in existence. You can manage your stress effectively with attention given to your well-being. Study the pleasing techniques of meditation. Learn Yoga. Take some classes in Pilates. Pray. There are various ways to increase the calm in your life and capacitate yourself to thrive for many years to come.

Learning how to lower cholesterol is as simple as intending to love yourself by eating wholesome foods, exercising every day and managing your stress levels. It should go without saying that smoking is also disallowed. Take control of your health beginning today and experience the liberation that rapidly comes with your new holistically-healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

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