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list of foods for lowering cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol Naturally, Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Author: John Adison

Foods to lower cholesterol do exist, and I am a living proof that they can do miraculous things to drop your cholesterol numbers from abnormally high level to a fully safe level in comparatively short time. It’s simply a matter of persistence to stick with the right kind of natural diet.

Grapes also contain cholesterol-lowering pterostilbene, as well as resveratol, a similar compound that’s been shown to have a role in reducing cholesterol. In 2008, researchers at Madrid University developed a juice from the skin and seeds of red grapes and instructed 34 human volunteers to add the concoction to their regular diet over a 16-week period. After this time frame, volunteers experienced a 14 percent drop in cholesterol levels and a five percent drop in blood pressure readings

You might need to first be on medication to help reduce your cholesterol depending on your age, family history and your cholesterol level. It is very important to talk to a doctor or a registered nutrition first about your diet to lower cholesterol, since he or she can provide you all the information you need and give you the appropriate treatment. Besides a low cholesterol diet, the doctor will normally recommend physical activity.

By taking natural herbal supplements, along with home remedies and herbal remedies you can have best of the best results on lowering your cholesterol levels. Good quality herbal supplements, along with home remedies and herbal remedies are free from side effects and are very effective in maintaining good blood and heart pressure levels. On top of adjusting your nutrition it is always recommended you have 30 minutes exercise as well to help your cardio development and burn any excess fat you may have.

Think that with small intakes of natural supplements you can save a lifetime of taking pills and even avoiding heart surgery. You must know by now that about 75 percent of the body’s cholesterol is produced by the liver, the rest being extracted from what you eat. So, a diet in this case is very helpful if you want to lower those levels. But, while a low-your-cholesterol diet is helpful, it’s still necessary to maintain the cholesterol levels within the body itself.

Soy. Soy ranks on the top of our list for two main points. First is has been proven to lower cholesterol levels fairly quickly and second due to the abundance of soy products available. Walk into any grocery store and visit the dairy section. You will notice soy milks, soy yogurts, soy spreads sitting along side of cows milk products. Soy is no longer hidden in the “health food” section of the store, it is right there out in front and you will also see this in the ice cream aisle. Soy is an easy food for commercial manufacturers to work with

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