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foods to eat to lower cholesterol

Benefits of Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Author: Jb Anthony

There are many benefits to knowing foods that lower cholesterol. You will known what to avoid and what to stock up on. Health should be a primary concern, so you should be careful of the food you eat, since they affect you. With the rise of more processed food full of unsaturated fat, it is no wonder that more people have high cholesterol levels. This could lead to health problems.

To ensure that you are safe from cholesterol-related problems, be aware of the food that can harm you and those that can lower the level. The following are three examples of foods that can help you in your quest to lower cholesterol levels.

- Almonds, Walnuts, and More

Almonds and walnuts are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep the blood vessels elastic and healthy. Eating them for a period of four weeks will greatly improve your health. Instead of cheese or meat that are full of unsaturated fat in your salads, use nuts instead. However, since nuts are rich in calories, you have to be careful not to go overboard.

- Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their triglyceride-lowering effect but other than that, they reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of blood clots. People who are suffering from heart attacks can also find that omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil can reduce the risk of sudden death.

Two servings of fish a week is recommended by doctors. You can eat baked or grilled albacore tuna, herring, lake trout, mackerel, salmon, and sardines.

Omega-3 fatty acids are not found in fish alone. You can get them from canola oil, flaxseed, soybean oil, and walnuts, too.

- Oat Bran and Oatmeal

Oat bran and oatmeal contain soluble fiber that can lower low density lipoprotein (LDL), which is a bad type of cholesterol. Soluble fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and binds bile and dietary cholesterol for the body to excrete later.

Besides oats, soluble fiber can also be found in apples, barley, Brussels sprouts, kidney beans, pears, prunes, and psyllium.

Foods that lower cholesterol are good for you, but you do not have to take too much of them, lest you develop other ailments. While some of them do reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body, they can also increase the fat, like nuts and other types of oil.

Before you subject yourself to a different diet than the one you are used to, consult a doctor first. Medical opinion is always important, if ever anything goes wrong or if your new diet won't work on you.

It you plan to take foods that lower cholesterol, make sure your body can handle the change. Do not starve yourself and do not deprive yourself of most foods just because they contain a few fats. Moderation is key.

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